City Houses

Villamont 42, Santa Ana

Villamont, Santa Ana, San José. Designed to not go unnoticed, the house is consolidated with a bold language in a homogenous environment of single-family homes. Its prismatic volumes stand out as a result of a disrruptive and novel language that allows to balance the purity of the forms with a deep solidity in its proportion.
Villamont 42 is a detonating project that stands out on the slopes of the Santa Ana mountain, surrounded by stunning views of the wind towers, and with a privileged position for sunsets.
From its conception, housing aims to adapt to the different perspectives of its surroundings, focusing on the slenderness, the framing and the depth as the thematic axis of its edges. From there grows a unique home, which plays with two double heights, the breadth and energy of a contemporary style incorporated into the activities of its residents.

Area: 350 sqm / 3767.37 sqft