1. Architectural Design

Alianz designs are distinguished by their strength and personality. Each work is exclusive and unique, so the creative distinction is guaranteed.

2. Construction service

Big designs involve great constructions, and that is why the Alianz professional construction and supervision team is trained for the big challenges.

3. Rendering & Representation

Allied to big architecture firms and developments, our animation service convert the ideas becoming even closer to reality.


1. Advantanges of our designs

  • Integration of professionals in one team within the same office: design architects, construction architects, engineers and electromechanics with a realistic view of the costs of construction in the design of projects.
  • Team outstanding for its creativity. Each project has a unique essence that makes it different. The '' Alianz essence '' is distinguished by projects that stand out at their design level and make it unique. We do not accept copies of projects already carried out so that the client is guaranteed a unique personalized project.
  • New BIM system with Hypermodels (High precision interactive plans), a very useful tool for construction and the guarantee that the project is carried out according to the design proposal and plans.
  • Projects resolved in a variety of architectural styles and solutions to suit the client; From the contemporary line: Minimal, Sculpture, Open, Pure Alianz, Tectonic, Fusion, Modern Country and Cottage

2. Integral building solutions

  • Guaranteed prices according to M2. A company with unique methodologies with cost by statistics and experience, for which the table of activities and materials included that simplifies all construction processes, guaranteeing the client a price before building until finishing.
  • Professional technical direction with a unique team of architects, engineers. Inspection and monitoring Payments of work against progress completed according to tasks and scheduled items. Budget control updated daily through online records.
  • Exclusive finishing materials, high quality imported, international contacts of special products: Faucets, tiles, doors, floors and exclusive NEON LED lighting from alianz. Experience on comercial hi quality, hi end , and top international materials .
  • Authorized distributors of a wide range of products in aluminum, glass, wood, stainless steel and domotica equipment. Company policies of direct dealings with suppliers for price improvement for the final consumer.
  • High experience in the use and variety of modern materials available in the market. Proactive professionals, with modern trends of building technology.

3. The best architectural animation company in CR.

  • 3D graphic visualization with interactive models. The design process, revisions and changes in interactive models, readable, and detailed which the client can easily understand the design proposals. Now with the new technology of Virtual Reality allows the client a full understanding of the scale of the designs and a more real approach to the projects.
  • Software and hardware team with great power for a technology to process millions of design bits and give life to projects, quick response responses and high perfection. The current capacity in audiovisual production is increasingly more and better, software and its updates allow us to transmit more and more human emotions of the reality of space.
  • The only company that takes visual production to another level and includes areas of filming, photography and cinema to create the most authentic videos that conceptualize not only the architecture itself but also the environment, emotions and lifestyle around each draft.