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Villa Selva, Playa Hermosa

For many people, traveling means to be in the constant search of new emotions, new experiences, to interact and meet new people and places. It also means to appreciate the moment, to connect with ourselves in places filled with positive energy and wellbeing.

Villa Selva is a building designed for hospitality, created to satisfy these main needs any traveler might have mera tips. Its primary simple structure made by metallic beams and columns neatly organized, carries an enriched diversity of atmospheres proposed in the inner spaces of the project, thought to satisfy and adapt to the different social and personal needs most users may experience.

An open and wide first floor where social sharing and interaction between people is reinforced, complements with the pure and simple geometric shapes that makes up the private room area in the second and third floor of the project. A gap made in two of its private bedroom modules, working together with material selection, generates a movement in the project’s façade that creates a feeling of smaller and independent prismatic blocks which has the intention of merging and work with the natural beauties of its context in a better way while helps to improve privacy between the rooms.

With structural simplicity, careful choice of materials and wide understanding of its natural context and function, Villa Selva hopes to create new and vibrant humanizing experiences in its users, travelling from many parts of the world.