General information

Expo 2018 Brochure

General looking of our service in just two pages to have a fast perception of our work in projects design and construction.

General information

Houses Brochure

Acquires an expectation of our construction work. The standard quality Alianz is designed to meet budgets and at the same time meet customer expectations. A quick summary of our final result in unique homes.

Architectural Design

Design Guide

Starting a project? The design guide and concept explore is a series of basic steps to approach the designer to a clear concept of the project that incorporates the wishes and expectations of the client.

Service detail information

Our Experience

Our  projects list. Every year Alianz Estudio work on more than 30 design projects, 15 constructions and we participate together with other  investors and developers for the promotion of good architecture in Costa Rica

Construction Service

Turn-Key Contracts

With the contract modalities of Alianz, the client from the beginning of the design will have an idea of the cost of building with our team. These tables compiles our experience in projects to establish a cost base guide.

Service detail information

Cost per Area

General conditions of design projects where we establish the necessary steps already studied in our experience with clients for timely communication and a process to enjoy.

Design Service

Comercial Example

Our commercial projects are designed to maximize the profitability of each project taking into account customer requirements, and the best ideas to attract potential users to the project

Design Service

Design conditions

Basic conditions and description of the design process. The limits and potentials of a design process are established in Alianz