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    Espavel House, Alajuela

    Conceptualized from a contemporary art architecture with one of our most characteristic lines in our city projects. Condominio Espavel,  Alajuela.

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    Casa Botanica, Alajuela

    The purity of the volumes as a representation of an austere life, allows conceptualizing a project that simplifies the architectural line and is adorned only with shadows, light and vegetation. Symbol of an elegant and forceful architecture.

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    Loma Real House, Escazú

    Inspired by the structural lightness and conceptual clarity of the iconic pavilions of modern architecture, a one-level transparent space is projected, allowing light and ventilation of the natural environment to pass through without barriers or edges. That inside-outside is poorly…

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    Las Mesetas, Alajuela

    Residence in Las Mesetas: Between the warmth of wood and the purity of metal and concrete; the residence emerges lightly, as a scheme of two transparent isolated blocks that recall an industrial and logical character at all times; but that…

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    Villas de Arroyo, Alajuela

    Villas de Arroyo … A house in the woods. A project full of particularities where the dense and green environment, we move carefully through a rocky, inclined and even drastic site where we comfort the silence of the place, the…

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    Hacienda Espinal, Alajuela

    Our last residential project in Hacienda Espinal in Alajuela is a fusion of spaces dominated by light making. The ‘C’ layout allows the central garden to be added to the green edges, wrapping the house in pleasant spaces to share…

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    House Int-SF, San José

    Located in the capital city of Costa Rica, casa SF stands as a project that adapts to the constant change that lives in the traditional capital neighborhoods. Due to its many different functions, its organic growth as a city and…

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    Cerro Real, Escazú

    Cerro Real is located within the most exclusive areas of Guachipelin de Escazu. It is a privileged place. In a few minutes you can go from an exclusive commercial area of San Jose to a mountain with panoramic views leaving…

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    Heliconias House, Curridabat

    Curridabat, the most populated city in the east of San Jose, is one of the sectors of more and better services in the country. The urban development of this place with high employment rates have made the mountains of the…

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    Francosta 154, Heredia

    Belonging to a young couple, the project is based on reflecting a fresh and contemporary proposal that is very much in line with the design line of the office, spaces that are illuminated, a warm textures handling and spaces focused…