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1. Feel the experience of our Architectural Gem

  • 20 minutes from the San Jose airport. The place is an architectural jewel, complemented by the deck terrace, jacuzzi, firepit, two different balconies, the entrance hatch, the private garden and a BBQ area, technological equipment, luxury beds, and mountain views. to this place in a unique space in the country. Ideal for architecture lovers, romantic dates or having a good time make this place a unique space.
  • This company has a professional team distinguished by its creativity and high level of design, so each created project carries with it a special essence and this wonderful space is not the exception, its unique, contemporary and cozy design does not go unnoticed.
  • It is an exclusive space, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view of the Central Valley, where you can also relax and feel at peace while being delighted and welcomed by its sculptural purity, while green spaces and tall pine trees envelop the place.

2. Most unique place to stay around the airport


  • Give yourself the opportunity to feel privileged in this comfortable, safe and authentic place, where you will be able to experience the architecture that this company offers, and at the same time you will have available the Alianz office and its staff in order to give you a unique and satisfying experience.
  • Can you imagine being able to start or end your trip in a comfortable, relaxing and safe way while being, at the same time, a few minutes from the airport? You can do it and feel the "Alianz essence" by choosing to stay in this work of art that Alianz Estudio makes available to you on Airbnb.
  • This space is located just in front of the Alianz offices, in San Roque de Barva, in Heredia, and is only 15 minutes from the Juan SantamarĂ­a airport. An extraordinary option for those who want to buy time and live a great architectural experience.

3. Enjoy our Jungle Terrace with Firepit & Hot tub

  • You can feel immersed in a jungle while you are in the city just by going to our terrace. A space that, accompanied by a firepit, bbq grill and a hot tub, offers comfort and relaxation
  • This architectural jewel has an unparalleled space to the outside where you can perceive through your pores the warm sensation of the fire coming from the firepit, while you enjoy a drink, chats or just admire the panorama.
  • Finally, you will find a hot tub / jacuzzi, surrounded by a fascinating vegetation and just lighting that will make of that moment the most relaxing experience.
  • This exceptional creation, has kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage, balconies, corridor and terrace. Each space with its genuine "seal" Alianz, for those who are inclined for comfort and good taste.