About Us


Our Approach

Our company is dedicated to the integration of the disciplines of design, architecture, engineering, internal design and the construction of customized projects. We are an innovative and enterprising group, which facilitates the conversion of dreams into concrete and accessible products, always prioritizing the quality that is reflected in every detail of our work. Design is the main impulse in the development of each creation, so each result contains in essence part of our young and creative spirit.

Our objective is the maximum simplification of conceptual ideas to concrete ideas to turn design into a physical reality where contemporary ideas are interpreted in design trends, technology, sustainable development, and above all, high human quality in architectural spaces.

We work in a set of alliances of professionals and workers in a direct and indirect way, which turn construction into a simplified and quality experience for the client.

Market objectives

Realize out projects in all phases of their development, such as conceptualization, design, environmental adaptabilitty, graphic representation, planimetry, and construction. We strive to have a demanding quality in our work, and above all the total satisfaction of our customers.

Our permanent professional teams are mainly composed of architects and engineers. We have a network of support professionals, depending on the needs of each project, we believe that the integration of the parties, provides work developed under the same concept at lower cost.


Our History

Started at 2003 in the tourism sector with participation in construction of aereal trams and their substations of the Tropical Forest of the Arenal and Monteverde Volcano, both belonging to the tourism company Sky Adventures. At 2008 with the arrival of the crisis in the financial sector, and the closure of investment in tourism, the idea was to create an innovative service to make quality architecture more affordable and viable for Costa Ricans. We thought about using our experience and use it for creative and fresh ideas that the new design sofwares allowed to explore in the field of architecture, an era of digital innovation was born at the time allowing an endless number of creative possibilities . 

Meet the Team

Our office is comprised of more than 20 professionals. We have architects specialized in areas of design, drawings, rendering, administration, interior design and construction. In addition to electromechanical and structural engineers, which makes the Alianz group a complete team with experience prepared for any architectural project in our hands.

Eric Bogantes2

Arq. Eric Bogantes

Founder &  Jaco Office Director  

Architect UCR. General company director. High experience in design and construction with a broad curriculum with more than 90 designed projects, and more than 60 projects.  Hi experience on residential luxury technologies.

Juan Pablo Moaya

Arq. Juan Pablo Moya

Office Design Director

Architect U.CR. Specialist in architectural design of projects, conceptual level and constructive level in diverse of typologies as academic, comercial and residentials designs . More than 50 designed projects, more than 20 builted projects.


Arq. Federico Valverde

Project Manager Director

 Architect U.Latina / UPC-Spain Postgraduate. Administrator and executor of projects, control and development of construction works with experience on multiples escenarios and with the ability of projects  simultaneous execution.