• Beach houses

    Forest Breeze House, Pinilla

    How architecture projects itself in a monumentally wide and open space? Interiorizing it. In this project, many sensorial elements such as open green and shade spaces combined with water elements overlap with a mix between opened and enclosed volumes to…

  • Beach houses

    Casa Assinie, Esterillos Beach

    The minimalist lines and large openings want to incorporate the light in multiple visual angles of transparency, in a privileged natural context we bet on a language of simple reading and serene sensations caused with simple and natural materials. The…

  • City Houses

    Espavel House, Alajuela

    Conceptualized from a contemporary art architecture with one of our most characteristic lines in our city projects. Condominio Espavel,  Alajuela.

  • Commercial,  Developments

    Jen Beach Club, Jaco

    The architecture and landscape are authentic bridges to connect the human with his natural environment. That meeting must be calm and sincere; with materials and shapes that reflect coexistence between built environments and environments created by inertia, almost like blurring…

  • City Houses

    Casa Botanica, Alajuela

    The purity of the volumes as a representation of an austere life, allows conceptualizing a project that simplifies the architectural line and is adorned only with shadows, light and vegetation. Symbol of an elegant and forceful architecture.

  • City Houses

    Loma Real House, Escazú

    Inspired by the structural lightness and conceptual clarity of the iconic pavilions of modern architecture, a one-level transparent space is projected, allowing light and ventilation of the natural environment to pass through without barriers or edges. That inside-outside is poorly…

  • City Houses

    Las Mesetas, Alajuela

    Residence in Las Mesetas: Between the warmth of wood and the purity of metal and concrete; the residence emerges lightly, as a scheme of two transparent isolated blocks that recall an industrial and logical character at all times; but that…

  • Beach houses

    Babihana 2, Esterillos Este

    The project represents the transition of lifestyle in an African farm from which the client comes. In this design the intention is to replace the African savannah with the beauty of the central Pacific through the dream of a contemporary…

  • Beach houses,  Commercial,  Developments

    Villa Selva, Playa Hermosa

    For many people, traveling means to be in the constant search of new emotions, new experiences, to interact and meet new people and places. It also means to appreciate the moment, to connect with ourselves in places filled with positive…

  • City Houses,  Mountain houses

    Villas de Arroyo, Alajuela

    Villas de Arroyo … A house in the woods. A project full of particularities where the dense and green environment, we move carefully through a rocky, inclined and even drastic site where we comfort the silence of the place, the…