• Commercial,  Developments

    Cielo Vista + Vidaluz Development, Jaco

    Cielo Vista is a multi-use green and sustainable minded master-planned Community consisting of a world-class state of the art medical facility and original one of a kind hospitality campus, commercial center, and holistic Wellness Center, and over 400 single and multi-family residences all surrounding and tied together by a private reserve with interchanging running and bypass and occasional exercise areas, complimenting this biodiverse project that is second-to-none with a world-class Marina and Championship golf course only three minutes from our main entrance. Come find out why so many North Americans have chosen Costa Rica as the number one ex-pat and retiree location in the world ——- Cielo Vista es una…

  • Mountain houses

    Sabana Larga, Atenas

    Athens is a rural place famous for being “The city with the best climate in the World”,in a 1960 issue, in a National Geographic magazine issue.A great climate requires a great architecture that honors its landscape and living conditions. The family that hired the project acquires this property surrounded by a hill covered with vegetation, the house is seen as a platform to see the farm where it was built. On one side, its backyard overlooks a wooded area while its front a mountain stream encloses the property, having the need to cross small bridges to reach the home. __ Atenas es un lugar rural famoso por tener ser “La…

  • Beach houses

    Freedom House, Playa Hermosa

    Concrete and glass Our last challenge in residential design led us to study the contrasts and coincidences between the solidity of tropical brutalism and the lightness of contemporary spaces, aspiring to conceptualize an integral response of residence in the middle of nowhere, in order to reconnect our clients with their green environment, in a context too exuberant and diverse as the Costa Rican Central Pacific. The project is enriched by two essential experiences: from the mountain, the pure concrete surfaces work as a counterpoint in the middle of the dense forest. Nature steals attention by covering the simple lines of the composition, framing a brutalist, and almost timeless architecture. This…

  • Beach houses

    Villa in Playa Famingo

    Metaphysically and psychologically, being close to the sea brings out our feelings and fosters creativity. In our latest Guanacaste designed project in Playa Flamingo, it represents a visual corridor with multiple views of the place. The architecture is interpreted as a platform that emerges from the solid stone bases in the mountain, born with strong lines and a large volumetric body. It gradually softens as it rises, until it ends in a smooth curved line that represents the sea breeze. Metafísica y psicológicamente, estar cerca del mar saca nuestros sentimientos y fomenta la creatividad. En nuestro último proyecto diseñado por Guanacaste en Playa Flamingo, representa un corredor visual con múltiples…

  • Beach houses

    Forest Breeze, Hacienda Pinilla

    How architecture projects itself in a monumentally wide and open space? Interiorizing it. In this project, many sensorial elements such as open green and shade spaces combined with water elements overlap with a mix between opened and enclosed volumes to make a sensorial path through the project which pretends to generate unique emotions on the user. ¿Cómo se proyecta la arquitectura en un espacio monumentalmente amplio y abierto? Interiorizándolo. En este proyecto, muchos elementos sensoriales como los espacios abiertos verdes y de sombra combinados con elementos de agua se superponen con una mezcla entre volúmenes abiertos y cerrados para crear una ruta sensorial a través del proyecto que pretende generar…

  • Beach houses

    Casa Assinie, Esterillos Beach

    The minimalist lines and large openings want to incorporate the light in multiple visual angles of transparency, in a privileged natural context we bet on a language of simple reading and serene sensations caused with simple and natural materials. The purity game is suggested to promote a sense of calm and peace to all spaces. We suggest reducing the accent on the decoration to focus the view and attention towards the ocean, the flora and fauna. ——————- Las líneas minimalistas y las grandes aberturas quieren incorporar la luz en múltiples ángulos visuales de transparencia, en un contexto natural privilegiado apostamos por un lenguaje de lectura simple y sensaciones serenas causadas…

  • Commercial,  Developments

    Jen Beach Club, Jaco

    The architecture and landscape are authentic bridges to connect the human with his natural environment. That meeting must be calm and sincere; with materials and shapes that reflect coexistence between built environments and environments created by inertia, almost like blurring them. The beach club project in Jaco, aims to be that link, which manages to symbolize, from the sinuous lines, tree-shaped structures and native organic elements; a way of being Costarican, who contributes of the goal of that ideal of increasingly equivalent spaces with their environment. Project by Meedy Behillil and Allianz Estudio. Jaco CR.

  • City Houses

    Casa Botanica, Alajuela

    The purity of the volumes as a representation of an austere life allows conceptualizing a project that simplifies the architectural line and is adorned only with shadows, light, and vegetation. Symbol of elegant and forceful architecture. La pureza de los volúmenes como representación de una vida austera, permite conceptualizar un proyecto que simplifica la línea arquitectónica y está adornado solo con sombras, luz y vegetación. Símbolo de una arquitectura elegante y contundente. La pureté des volumes comme représentation d’une vie austère, permet de conceptualiser un projet qui simplifie la ligne architecturale et ne se pare que d’ombres, de lumière et de végétation. Symbole d’une architecture élégante et puissante.

  • City Houses

    Loma Real House, Escazú

    Inspired by the structural lightness and conceptual clarity of the iconic pavilions of modern architecture, a one-level transparent space is projected, allowing light and ventilation of the natural environment to pass through without barriers or edges. That inside-outside is poorly marked, since the program lacks walls, and exaggerates the eaves, to be able to expand the interior, complementing it with an infinite green that covers the composition. A platform is detached from the ground, highlighting the linearity of a clean architecture in glass from top to bottom, and that to some extent floats on water and the composite landscape, providing a large-scale terrace feeling throughout the social area.